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File your PT-61 Real Estate Transfer Tax Forms Online [One Form Per Deed Only]

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PT-61 eFiling is a collaborative program between the Department of Revenue and the GSCCCA to develop a more efficient process of filing your PT-61 form.
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SB 525, passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor on 5/4/2006 requires the Map and Parcel field to be completed for all PT61 filings.

Click here for more information (FAQ #30).
Click here to read SB 525.
Click here to read the AG Advice.
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GSCCCA Subscribers may now save their
PT-61 filings* so they can retrieve and edit them later. Your PT-61 filings will be automatically saved as long as you are logged into our site at the time you complete the PT-61 filing. To retrieve your PT-61 filings please click the Retrieve My PT-61 Filings button in the menu on the left. For detailed help please visit the PT-61 Save and Retrieve Help section.
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In order to be able to save and retrieve PT-61 filings you must be a paying subscriber. Once you have filed the PT-61 form with the county and they have accepted it you will no longer be able to edit the filing. All un-filed PT-61's will be deleted after they have been in the system for one year.