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The GSCCCA is pleased to offer free limited access to its various online databases over the internet. Unfortunately, due to increasing security concerns, terms of use violations, and large scale theft of data from the free areas by non-account holders, the GSCCCA has been forced to discontinue anonymous access to the free areas of the site. Users who wish to access the GSCCCA site over the internet for free can still do so by creating a free, "limited use" account.

Requiring each user to have an account helps to prevent against improper usage of the system. Such usage can cause a negative impact on the performance of the overall system for all users, and requiring each user to have an account is necessary to ensure the integrity and functionality of the website.

As always, in compliance with its legislative mandates, full access to all GSCCCA database search functions is also available for free at any of the 159 Superior Court Offices throughout the state. We apologize for any inconvenience this change to our internet access policy may have caused you